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New Evo900 - Evo700 modular cooking range

The new Zanussi Evo900 - Evo700 are ranges of high-powered appliances for the kitchen, an ideal work area that guarantees reliability and excellent performance over time, in accordance with the strictest safety standards.


Zanussi Evo modular cooking range

In online brochures that are now available, you can find a brief overview of Evo900 - Evo700 modular cooking lines, information about different types of installation, energy savings and after market services.

Displaying the main advantages of the new range and underlining the new functions, such as low energy consumption, simplicity of use, multifunctions, high productivity, efficiency and energy savings, various trade marketing materials have been developed and are available for showrooms.

Discover the Evo900 - Evo700 modular cooking range!

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