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Refrigeration appliances

Refrigeration Appliances

The System

Zanussi Professional Refrigeration

Modern catering has greatly evolved also thanks to the ZANUSSI Professional System. Every expert in the feld acknowledges this system as the real driving force behind an evolution which has improved life in the kitchen and broadened the possibilities for the professionals working in it. The ZANUSSI Professional System is used world wide by millions.

The refrigeration appliances offer the best and most comprehensive solution to the critical problem of food storage and conservation.

Refrigeration appliances range

ZANUSSI Professional refrigeration appliances supply a tailor-made solution to every customer’s need through high quality components and materials, total food safety, outstanding fexibility and energy effciency for short payback: Quality and Reliability at a competitive price always!

  • Refrigerated cabinets
  • Refrigerated tables
  • Blast Chillers
  • Cold rooms
  • Ice makers

Zanussi refrigerated cabinets

Refrigerated cabinets

A delicious future for your food with the new Zanussi refrigerated and freezer cabinets.

The completely new Zanussi Professional refrigerated and freezer cabinets are designed to keep your food fresher for longer, clean up quicker while protecting the environment and effectively managing costs.

Zanussi NPT Active and NAU Maxi models exhibit the most efficient and innovative professional details:

Energy efficiency

With Zanussi refrigerated cabinets you will save up to 720€/year (freezer) and 360 €/year (refrigerator)*.

Thermal insulation guaranteed, high efficiency components, energy saving defrost, advanced electronic functions are the 4 reasons to get 65% less in ENERGY SAVINGS.

To guarantee exceptional efficiency, Zanussi Professional cabinets are classified according to the strictest international standards for protecting the environment like ceceditalia, EIA, ECA and GO'ENERGY.

Zanussi Professional Refrigeration savings

* potential energy savings based on the cecedItalia studies (National Association of Home and Professional Equipment Manufacturers) studies obtained by comparing class 1 refrigerators and freezers with equivalent cabinets in class 7 (energy cost of 0,17 €/kWh and average net volume of 600lt). Energy Classi?cation Label E.C.E. ranks from class 1 to 7.


50 litres more available space, compared to an equivalent cabinet. The volume is increasedby optimizing the placement of the cooling unit and hidden evaporator.


Ergonomically designed runners, supports, grids and rounded corners for easy and safe cleaning operations.

Temperature uniformity

The new vertical and horizontal air circulation guarantee best temperature uniformity and excellent food preservation.

Zanussi refrigerated tables

Refrigerated tables

The ZANUSSI Professional refrigerated tables integrate the cold storage function with the food preparation function optimising space and increasing fexibility in the kitchen workfow.

Both refrigerators and freezers are available in several dimensions and door/drawer/worktop confgurations. The range includes appliances from 2 to 4 compartments, all in AISI 304 stainless steel and compatible with either GN 1/1 or EN 600x400mm standards.

Quality and Reliability drive the product design, including food safety and energy saving requirements into the features, customized for every customer typology.

Zanussi blast chillers freezers

Blast Chillers

The ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers and Blast Chiller/Freezers are the ideal equipment of modern kitchens where Food Quality and Safety, No Food Waste and Kitchen Workfow Efficiency are the keywords.

Based on the number of meals served daily, ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers offer a tailor-made solution for every kitchen to optimise space and time while keeping the quality of the food served as it was just prepared or cooked: just insert the food in the blast chiller, select a chilling or freezing cycle and push Start.

ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers can be fully integrated with the ZANUSSI Professional Crosswise Ovens and the corresponding Roll-in cabinets sharing the same trolley solutions.

Zanussi cold rooms

Cold rooms

The ZANUSSI Professional cold rooms optimize the space available in kitchens and storage areas thanks to the all-inclusive solutions delivered in one shot to be assembled on-site.

The mini-cold room range covers the most requested confgurations, still allowing the possibility of customisation, re-layout and upgrading of the cold room itself.

Zanussi ice makers

Ice makers

The ZANUSSI Professional ice makers complement the refrigeration range for bars, pubs, hotels, fast food chains and restaurants with both ice cube makers and ice fakers. Tailor-made solutions are available for light and heavy duty sites in terms of ice production per day and footprint needs.

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