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Zanussi Professional Dishwashers

In the Zanussi Professional dishwashers range, both traditional machines and new Active appliances, are reliable, safe and simple to use and also guarantee the highest hygiene level with a low energy consumption.

Constructed using only high quality components and materials Zanussi Professional dishwashers ensure a complete rinse quality of crockery and cutlery and optimal performances in any working condition.

The Guaranteed Rinse System, in all Active dishwashers, provides a perfect and safe rinsing, as the quantity and temperature of the water is always correct. Thanks to the innovative technology, ZANUSSI Professional guarantees a perfect combination between washing performance and respect towards the environment, assuring Low Running Costs.

The innovative technology applied in the ZANUSSI Professional dishwashers guarantees lower consumption of water, energy, detergent and rinse aid.

ZANUSSI Professional has now achieved a perfect combination between optimum washing performance and respect towards the environment, assuring low running costs.

The Zanussi Professional dishwashers range:

  • Top Hood type Dishwashers
  • Standard Hood type Dishwashers
  • Front loading Dishwashers
  • Top Undercounters
  • Standard Undercounters
  • Top Glasswashers
  • Standard Glasswashers

Zanussi Dishwashers High quality performance

High quality performance

The new Zanussi Professional dishwashers assure perfect rinsing and washing results for every kind of utensil: plates, cups, trays, GN containers, cutlery, etc.

Wash phase

Best-in-class results are guaranteed by the powerful washing circuit which takes advantages by the shape of the spraying nozzles and the rotating arms, both from the top and the bottom of the washing chamber. No area in the washing chamber remains uncovered by the water blades generated by the nozzles.

Rinse phase

The rinsing performance is always granted with perfect quality, removing all detergent on the plates. The atmospheric boiler with Guaranteed Rinse System (GRS), in fact, ensures constant high temperature of rinse water (independent from the network water pressure) and the built-in rinse booster pump guarantees constant strong pressure of water during the rinse phase. Furthermore, the 4 second pause after washing and before rinsing prevents drops of water used for washing from falling on the cleaned items.

Zanussi Dishwashers Low	running	costs

Low running costs

The new generation of ZANUSSI Professional dishwashers have achieved a perfect balance between optimum washing performance while respecting the environment, guaranteeing low running costs. You can save 20% in running costs, compared to average machines on the market.

Save up to 300€* per year with the undercounter and 500€** per year with the hood type thanks to the savings made in Water, Energy, Detergent and Rinse Aid yet still guarantee best in class washing and rinsing performance:

  • Less Water consumption: 3lt/cycle of fresh water are used for rinsing with standard water inlet conditions.
  • Less Energy consumption: drops by 20-25% since less water is used for rinsing.
  • Less Detergent and Rinse aid consumption: much smaller quantities are needed to acheive the same results.

The double skin insulated wall ensures a low noise level and a reduction in heat loss from the machine.

The optimisation of the packaging materials and size, to ft trucks and containers standard dimensions, drastically reduce transportation costs, environmental pollution and recycling needs.

* Comparison with standard machine: 70 cycles per day, 300 annual working days. 15°C input water

**Comparison with standard machine: 100 cycles per day, 300 annual working days. 15°C input water

Zanussi Dishwashers The	Guaranteed Rinse System (GRS)

The Guaranteed Rinse System (GRS)

The Guaranteed Rinse System (GRS) offers complete rinse quality of crockery and large energy savings in any water conditions.

What makes the new dishwashers really ACTIVE is that rinsing only commences when the water is at the optimum temperature of 84°C whilst the incorporated rinse booster pump provides a constant supply of fresh hot water.

Therefore, even with low water pressure or cold incoming water, the rinsing results are always thorough.

Zanussi Dishwashers Continuous Water Softener

Continuous Water Softener

The new Zanussi Professional Continuous Water Softener is a revolutionary new system guaranteeing perfect washing results in any water condition.

Dual resin containers alternate during the regeneration cycle so while one regenerates, the other softens, enabling non-stop washing. Sensors automatically activate the regeneration cycle so the operator just has to keep the salt container topped-up.

The Active guaranteed rinse system provides a constant high rinse water pressure to ensure complete detergent removal; traditional water softeners can loose up to 1 bar of pressure by the time the rinse water hits the plates, with the risk of not removing all the detergent!

Not only, 100% of incoming water is softened, eliminating scale build-up in the boiler and ensuring spotless crockery, glassware and cutlery.

The salt container is positioned on the front of the dishwasher, comfortably accessible without opening the door and approved by the most stringent water authority because no “contaminated salt water” can be sucked back into the mains network, a legal requirement in some countries.

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