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EasySteamPlus combi oven: new features

Zanussi EasysteamPlus oven in your kitchen

What makes the EasySteamPlus so unique?

In addition to the well known unique features that have made it a success, Zanussi Professional is able to continuously provide software updates that can offer chefs all around the world new and innovative solutions that are aimed at making life in the kitchen easier.

This is thanks to an extensive amount of customer insight and research activities that are carried out by the Zanussi Professional Ovens' team.

One of the benefits of owning an EasySteamPlus combi oven is the possibility of updating its software.

Are you already the owner of an EasySteamPlus oven and would like to have the latest features? Do not fear, the software may be installed on any existing EasySteamPlus oven. In fact, by uploading the new software release you can transform your oven to one of last generation.

Here is a sneak-peek at a few of the new features that are included in the latest EasySteamPlus software release:



The new and improved Make-it-Mine allows for the personalization of the main user interface functions, in order to create an oven that can suit the needs of any type of operator. It is then possible to lock the personalized configuration with a password, download it to the USB key and easily replicate it to other EasySteamPlus ovens. This is ideal for customers having multiple ovens installed in their kitchen.



The MultiTimer is a new function that gives the possibility to manage up to fourteen (14) different timers in a cooking cycle. It provides improved flexibility when planning and managing the cooking of multiple types of food during rush hours (ideal for a-la-carte menus) and helps to achieve perfect cooking results by sounding an alarm when the exact cooking time for each course is reached. In addition, it allows the user to assign a name to each type of food being placed inside the oven.

Guided Descaling

Guided Descalinge

The Guided Descaling is an advanced function to guide the operator through the descaling of the boiler in five simple steps. The Guided Descaling of the boiler through use of vinegar is simple, safe and cost effective. In order to guarantee the longevity of the boiler life, it is recommended to perform the Guided Descaling on a regular basis.

Holding phase

Holding phase

It is possibile to add a Holding phase to the end of the cooking cycle in order to maintain the food at a set temperature. In case the Chef forgets to set the Holding phase prior to starting the cooking cycle, it is also possible to activate after the cooking cycle has been completed. This provides improved flexibility for the Chef, as he/she will not need to remove the food immediately after the cooking process has completed. It also guarantees the food will be kept at the perfect serving temperature.

The Reserved Area

In addition, the special Reserved Area is fully dedicated to Chefs and proud owners of the EasySteamPlus combi oven, who after an online registration, can enter to stay updated on what's new in the EasySteamPlus world. From this exclusive web site, members may have access to different types of material and information. One of the innovative features allows the viewing and downloading of Zanussi recipes which can be uploaded to any EasySteamPlus oven, thanks to the apposite USB port.

easysteamplus oven reserved area

The Download and Upload of recipes has been simplified as it is available directly from the drawer of the "Programs" mode. Furthermore, the user will not need to turn the oven off and on again in order to insert the USB key. Just insert the key and perform the desired operation.

Zanussi EasysteamPlus oven

Pasteurization Factor

It is possibile to visualize the pasteurization factor (F) during the cooking process in order to be certain that the food being cooked with Food Safe Control is "safe".

New Automatic cooking programs

Two new Automatic cooking programs have also been added:

1. Roasted potatoes with probe

In order to achieve perfect cooking results with potatoes of any size, just select the desired browning level and press start.

2. Hamburgers

A wider range of hamburger weight typologies is now available, from fresh to frozen.

Software Update

Are you already the proud owner of an EasySteamPlus combi oven and would like to update your software?
If so, please contact your local Service Partner agent for additional information.


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